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Oklahoma Data Recovery Services

Oklahoma Data Recovery ServicesAt Five Star Data Recovery, we offer Oklahoma Data Recovery Services through our nationwide mail in service for any and all types of hard drives. Although Oklahoma is around 1,500 miles away from our main data recovery hub in Glendale, CA, do not get discouraged if you need your data back asap! Our certified technicians provide 100% Risk Free Data Recovery Services at affordable prices. They work around the clock to keep our word about our turnaround time. Rest assured that we offer 100% Risk Free Data Recovery Services at an affordable market price, a very fast turnaround, and in a very customer oriented manner.

We honor a strict No Data = No Charge policy. Below is a step by step process of our Mail in Data Recovery service and we want to make it as quick, easy, and hassle free as possible.

Our Oklahoma Data Recovery customers should typically expect their data back within 7-10 business days. With our Expedited Service, expected delivery date is within 4-6 business days.

Our Oklahoma Data Recovery Services Process

Data Recovery Online Form

Step 1 – Submit Form

Fill out our Mail in Data Recovery form. After you have submitted the form, check back Within one hour and you should have received a pre-paid shipping label and step by step instructions on how to ship us your hard drive.

Step 2 – Ship Drive

Securely package your hard drive with the Prepaid Shipping label and the work order we have provided. Drop off at any USPS location or your usual local post office.

Data Recovery Shipping

Inspecting Data Recovery Hard Drive

Step 3 – Drive Diagnosis

After we have received your hard drive (approximately 2 days after you have dropped off your package with USPS) We will inspect and diagnose your hard drive the day we receive it and contact you by the end of that business day with a final prognosis of what’s going on with your hard drive. Depending on whether you have purchased the Standard or Expedited Service, we will now begin our Data Recovery process.

Step 4 – Review Results

Your data was successfully recovered! Now we will email you an interactive HTML file structure of the recovered files for you to review and approve. Once approved and the invoice is paid, we will begin our final step which is packaging then mailing your data back to you!

Data Recovery Results

Data Recovery Return Shipping

Step 5 – Return Shipping

Congratulations! Your Data was recovered successfully and it is already on its way back to you! Our employees are working around the clock 24/7 to get your recovered data back to you as soon as possible. We will provide a tracking number so you can keep an eye on the status of your package. Thank you for using our Oklahoma Data Recovery Services.

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