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Free Data Recovery Service for Victims of Hurricane Harvey & Irma

Five Star Data Recovery, located in Glendale, CA, is here to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma by offering a free of charge Data Recovery Service. Our certified Data Recovery technicians of Five Star Data Recovery understand how stressful it can be when someone’s hard drive fails with such immeasurable events. Here at Five Star Data Recovery, we thrive on helping those in need of our services every hour of every day. Our 24/7 customer service is here to accommodate everyone especially in such traumatic events.

Being in the data recovery business, our certified Data Recovery team understands how important and irreplaceable family memories are and it’s the least they can do to help. Properties can be rebuilt and new furniture and/or appliances can be repurchased, but you can’t replace data.

Our free Data Recovery service will be offered for personal computers, hard drives, external hard drives, cameras, cell phones, etc. Unfortunately, we are not providing this free of charge service for any business computers or business hard drives at the moment.

We provide a fast and easy way to start the process of your 100% free Data Recovery service. Please fill out the Mail in Data Recovery Form located on the website https://www.fivestardatarecovery.com/data-recovery/mail-in-service/ You will then ship the drive to the Data Recovery Lab where we will recover the data from your drive and send it back to you. In addition to the form, you must provide proof that your residence was in the flood zone by providing your address of the property damaged as well as photos of the damage. 

The only fee that would not be covered is if we needed to purchase donor parts. From all of the company’s cases, only 5% of hard drives need parts to be replaced. In the case that your drive requires the parts, we will ONLY charge you the actual cost of the part. There will be no charge from our end for the time, labor, and equipment. If you prefer to purchase the part yourself as well as send it back to us, that is also no problem at all.

With the ongoing stress and fear of the distressing hurricanes, we’re here to set comfort and peace of mind to not only you but to your family members and friends. Contact us now!