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Free Data Recovery

Did your hard drive crash and now you can’t afford recovering your data? Want to win a chance to receive a one time free data recovery service from us? Tell us your story on how your financial hardship has stopped you from recovering your precious data after your hard drive crashed. We will choose one lucky winner each month who will receive one free data recovery service. Our goal is to help those in need of data recovery services that aren’t able to afford it. Whether your drive has a logical or mechanical issue, our chosen winner gets one free data recovery service on us! Our team here at Five Star Data Recovery will read each and every story submitted using our form below. After choosing the top winner each month, we will contact our lucky winner to congratulate them and schedule them for their free data recovery appointment.

Five Star Data Recovery wants to help!

Your story matters and we are here to listen! Our lucky winner will not pay a dime for the service we provide in recovering your data. However, the only additional cost is if the customer needs a Clean Room recovery and needs a donor replacement which then the customer would be responsible for the cost of the donor part. For instance, our flat rate Clean Room Recovery fee is $950. The winner will receive a free Clean Room service and will only pay if the drive needs a donor part to continue the recovery. Donor parts vary in price depending on the make and model of the hard drive. The winner will be notified of the exact donor match we find and then he or she will decide whether or not to move forward with the recovery. Nevertheless, our team cannot wait to hear your stories!