Platinum Plus Services

No Data = No Charge!

No Data = No Charge!At Five Star Data Recovery, we honor a strict No Data = No Charge! This means that our data recovery customers are not liable to pay for any data recovery work on their hard drive if the repairs are unsuccessful.

FREE Diagnosis

If our data recovery technicians are unable to recover any data from your failing hard drive, then you do not pay! Our technicians provide FREE diagnosis for all hard drives that are brought in or mailed in to our store. We also offer customers a same day diagnosis with an additional nonrefundable fee of $100 for faster results. You will have an immediate understanding of the type of issue with your hard drive. You will also have the chances of a full recovery. Also, you will have a price estimate for the total cost of recovery.

At Five Star Data Recovery, we do not have non refundable deposits, any hidden fees or extraneous fees. We also do not take any upfront payments before we begin our work to recover your precious data!  We value the trust and loyalty of each and every one of our customers. Feel free to take advantage of our 24/7 Customer Support. You can speak with our technicians anytime of the day, everyday!

If you are someone in need of our 5-star rated Data Recovery Services, please call us at 818-272-8866 for more information. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery technicians are here to help anytime!


Vahan is THE BEST!!! He is very professional and genuine. My Passport Air died on me and was desperately in need of data recovery. Unlike others, he doesn't haggle you with pricing. I've received quotes anywhere between $500-$1200 for my issue. No hourly charges or additional expedite service charges. It is what it is. Not only his pricing is the best, his expertise in data recovery out shined them all. Hannah K.