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RAID 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 Data RecoveryAre you an individual or business that stores large amounts of important data by using a RAID 5 data storage system to securely store and protect your tremendous amounts of data? The purpose of RAID systems are for greater reliability, security, and improved performance. The RAID 5 storage system consists of independent disks that use disk striping with parity with a minimum of three drives. A RAID 5 storage system has great benefits and is also cost efficient. Furthermore, if a single disk fails, you can simply replace the failed disk and continue the process. However, a RAID 5 storage has a slower performance rate in comparison to other RAID systems.

RAID 5 Data Recovery


At Five Star Data Recovery, our team of highly certified data professionals will assist you in recovering your data on your RAID 5 storage system. In fact, our team only invests in top of the line equipment. With our 97% Data Recovery success rate, we will try our best to recover all of your data. Not to mention, if our data recovery engineers are unable to recover your data, then you do not pay! Our prices are flat rate, with no hidden fees, and/or gimmicks!

FREE Diagnosis for a RAID 5 Data Recovery

We offer FREE diagnosis and FREE price quotes! We also offer customers a same day diagnosis with an additional nonrefundable fee of $100 for faster results. Our team will examine the hard drive for you. Feel free to call us at 818-272-8866 for more information or concerns. We overall want our customers to trust that we value their business. Please understand that your data will be 100% secure! Our team guarantees your personal information to remain private at all times.

RAID 5 Data Recovery Cost?

Standard Fee of $300 per Drive

$100 Additional Fee for 2TB+

Retrieve your data with us!

Nonetheless, if your RAID 5 system begins to fail, than call our certified data recovery engineers today for your RAID 5 Data Recovery Service. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery professionals are here to help! So take advantage of our 24/7/365 Customer Support where our highly trained engineers are available anytime of the day!