Introduction to Five Star Data Recovery

What’s a solid partnership without a strong foundation? We take our Partnership Program very seriously and would like to build a long-term, honest, and mutually profitable partnership.

About Vahan Hovsepian (Owner/Head Engineer)

A little bit about myself and our company. I’m 35 years old and happily married. I’ve always loved business, entrepreneurship, customer service, and sales. I work between 14-16 hours a day, pretty much 7 days a week. I opened my business in 2014 (Platinum Plus Services) as a computer repair company. In late 2015 we got into the data recovery business. In 2018, we decided to close down the repair division of the business and focus on doing what we’re great at and love. We expanded our business by adding an additional 2,000 sq/ft with a full Laboratory and Clean Room.

I also own a Pawn Shop with my family. Our pawn shop was established in 2010 in Glendale, CA. Both businesses are a very important part of my life and I’m proud to say we’re doing a great job with the amazing teams we have to see growth year after year.

Vahan Hovsepian
Five Star Donor Drive Library

About Five Star Data Recovery

  • Free Diagnosis
  • Same-Day Service Available
  • Customer Service is World Class
  • Outstanding 5 Star Reviews and Reputation
  • We no longer offer computer repair services.
  • 10% – 20% Referral Fees for Authorized Partners
  • We work and are available almost around the clock
  • Easy to use Data Recovery Mail-In Submission Process
  • In House Donor Drive Library with over 4,000 donor drives
  • Affordable Flat Rate Pricing (Never Any Hidden Fees or Gimmicks)
  • Specializing in recovering data from hard drives with logical or mechanical issues.
  • Clean Room on-site; cases are never outsourced.

Our Vision for our Partnership

In short, our plan with this partnership program is to create a strong business relationship where we can both help each other grow our businesses. Although we call it a Partnership, a better name for it may have been a Friendship program. All of our partners really see us as friends, happy to share business advice, suggestions, general questions, and referrals.

Although we’re no longer in the repair business, we do still have awesome resources that we’d like to pass on to our business partners. These resources could be a major asset in helping your business grow (i.e. awesome deals on computers, computer parts, accessories, and a powerful online community).

We’d really like to get to know all of our potential partners to help build that awesome relationship and also allow us to know which aspects of your business we can be most helpful with. If you could take a couple of minutes and let us know a little about yourself and your company, we would really appreciate it. If you have any questions about us, what we do, or anything that may come to mind, please feel free to call or email us anytime.

Five Star Data Recovery Partnership Program