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Is your Hard Drive making Clicking Sounds?

Wondering why your hard drive is making strange clicking sounds? When your hard drive is powered on and is connected, hearing clicking sounds is a sign that your hard drive is failing. There are different reasons why your hard drive is producing irregular sounds. For example, one of the main reasons why hard drive clicking is occurring is from dropping your hard drive. At this point, do not continue using your hard drive. Immediately bring your hard drive in to a highly trained data recovery specialist to diagnosis it. Nevertheless, do not try to figure the problem on your own and instead bring it to a professional. You may damage or ruin your chances of recovering your data if you, for instance, take the cover off, move it while the hard drive is powered on, or bash it.

Data Recovery for your Failed Hard Drive

One of the main symptoms of failing hard drives are strange sounds which will cause loss of data. In this case, contact our certified data recovery professionals at Five Star Data Recovery. Our team are highly trained and experienced on recovering data with a overall 97% success rate. If you are not satisfied with our data recovery service, then you will not pay at all!

Nonetheless, if you find your hard drive clicking, make sure to contact us immediately. Please call us at 818-272-8866 for a FREE diagnosis and a FREE quote of your drive so our certified data recovery engineers can provide you with more information about the chances of recovery. We will also provide you an estimated turn around time as well as a price estimate for the recovery job. Also, take advantage of our 24/7/365 customer support where we are available to assist you anytime of the day. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery engineers are here to help!

Is your Hard Drive making Clicking Sounds?


Working with Five Star Data Recovery was a great experience. It’s never a fun day when you find that your data is in trouble…but the team at Five Star was very quick to answer questions on a weekend after hrs and then promptly got to work as soon as we dropped off our corrupt CFast card. The whole process was very clear, they communicated often and in detail and in the end were 100% successful in recovering everything we needed. Our footage was saved and it was top notch service along the way. The final invoice was exactly what he quoted at the beginning with no surprise costs. I 100% recommend Vahan and his team.
Justin C.
I am so thankful that they have 24/7 support on the phone. I just recently called after my hard drive fell onto carpet. They had all the answers and knew exactly what they were talking about. I would recommend them for hard drive support!
Taylor L.
Can’t say enough good things about Five Star Data Recovery. Took my drive in and had the data back within 24 hours. I was even able to recover the “damaged” files, so pretty much a total recovery of 20 years worth of data. Yeah, yeah, I should have backed up my drive, but I’m just glad that Vahan and the Five Star team were able to get me back in business!
Kip K.
This place is great, i’ve been going here for three years Vahan, recovered my data from my hard drive , then he upgraded my Laptop MacBook Pro ( Two HD’s installed and upgraded ram), and today they repaired my MacBook it was running slow they switched out the data cable. Very Honest and Have great service. They’re better than the Mac Genius Bar . Affordable and they repair on time. 
Matteo O.

Let’s me start out by saying “The Best Data Recovery shop Anyone can ask for “! The word around town is true! I was referred by a friend. I had an issue with my drives freezing up and crashing which resulted in losing my data. I took it to A few places and they weren’t able to fix the problem. Just to break down i brought in my MacBook Pro on Monday and went over the issues with Vahan. He took his time explaining the possibilities and options. Mind you their teams customer service is A1! The next day I got a call that all my data has been restored. I was in total shock their speedy turn around was amazing! I rushed down to the shop to pick up my MacBook which then I purchased an additional MacBook since their prices were amazing and Vahan totally hooked it up. Guys look no where this is the place to go if you need any data recovery or even Macs!!!

Steve T.

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