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JBOD Data Recovery

Published July 7th, 2017 in Data Recovery | Comments Off on JBOD Data Recovery

JBOD Data RecoveryJBOD Data Recovery – Recovered

Data Recovery Issue:

Customer came in with a Failed RAID System. Customer is sure his RAID is setup as a RAID 1 (Mirrored), but after one of the drives failed, he wasn’t able to access any of his data. He attempted to connect each of the drives separately to an external docking station but wasn’t able to get any data. He also attempted to use data recovery software to gain access, but was unsuccessful.

Initial Diagnosis:

We were able to power on both drives and start the Data Recovery process. One of the drives was failing SMART and bad a lot of bad sectors. Our disk imager was able to read 99.99% of the bad sectors. Next step will be to attempt to repair the broken RAID.

Data Recovery Update:

Turns out the drives were setup as a JBOD and not a RAID 1. We were able to rebuild the JBOD and gain full access to the drive. We recovered 95% of the data from the failed system. The data recovery process took less than 48 hours.

Data Recovery Cost:

The Data Recovery ended up costing the customer only $600.00. A fraction of the cost quoted to the customer by other companies.

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