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My Book Western Digital Data Recovery

Published August 28th, 2015 in Data Recovery | No Comments »

My Book Western Digital Data RecoveryMy Book Western Digital 3TB External Hard Drive Data Recovery – Recovered

Issue with Hard Drive:

Customer came in with a 3TB My Book Western Digital external hard drive. The drive was working fine until one day he connected it to his MacBook and got a message: “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” He attempted to repair the disk permissions to see if that would fix the issue, but it didn’t.

He took the drive to 2 other computer repair shops, but they were unable to recover the data. We will remove the hard drive from the enclosure and run a diagnostic on the drive.

Initial Diagnosis:

My Book Western Digital Data RecoveryAfter connecting the drive to our disk imagers, it was clear that the drives issue was a very large number of bad sectors on two of the heads.  Overall, we are hopeful that we will be able to recover all if not most of the data.

We will start the data recovery process and update this post with the progress we were able to make.

My Book Western Digital Data RecoveryRepair Update:

After close to 2 days of recovery, we were able to recover 100% of the data from the damaged drive. Nonetheless, we moved over the recovered data to a 4TB External Drive the customer had provided.

Luckily, the bad drive was still covered under warranty. We helped the customer start the replacement process with Western Digital to get him a new drive.

Total Cost of Recovery:

To conclude, the recovery ended up costing the customer only $400.00.

Breakdown of charges:

  • $300 Flat Rate Recovery Fee
  • $100.00 (drives with USB 3.0 on PCB Board)
  • $100.00 (drives larger then 2TB)
  • $100.00 Yelp Promotion

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