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NAS Data Recovery

Published September 15th, 2016 in Data Recovery | Comments Off on NAS Data Recovery

Are you an individual or big business that stores large amounts of important data and information by utilizing a NAS data Nas Data Recoverystorage system to securely store and protect your tremendous amounts of data and information? Although the purpose of a NAS/RAID system are for greater reliability, security, and improved performance there are always still chances that the hard drives within the RAID schema can crash and not allow you to access any of your data files due to a variety of reasons.

What is a NAS Data Recovery?

To summarize, a NAS is a (Network Attached Storage) which is a multi-disk device used as a file server providing data access to a various clients. Typically, RAID technology is used to combine NAS disks into a single storage, the most common RAID layouts used are RAID0 and RAID5.

If you own a NAS/RAID data storage system that has a failing hard drive and clients can no longer access the server files, then it is time to bring it in to our Data Recovery Professionals at Five Star Data Recovery for a FREE diagnosis of the problem.  Please call us at 818-272-8866 for further information about our NAS Data Recovery Services.

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