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Published November 11th, 2014 in Data Recovery | No Comments »

Professional Data RecoveryIs professional data recovery from a damaged computer hard drive always successful?

When it comes to damaged hard drives and professional data recovery, there are certainly no guarantees. The type of damage sustained – whether it is the very common bad sectors issue or less common problems like fire or flood – will help determine if and how data can be recovered. But, the good news is that with more sophisticated data recovery equipment and the increasing number of highly skilled technicians, professional data recovery is becoming more and more successful.


The most important thing to do with your computer if you fear hard drive failure is to get it to a professional immediately. All to often, when people are faced with the malfunction of a computer on which they rely heavily, is to try and fix it themselves. What many people do not know is that a hard drive is a disk – a piece of hard equipment that can be further damaged by something as basic as powering the computer on and off. Even more tech-savvy computer owners need to be careful when trying to diagnose and fix a damaged hard drive on their own. Even something as simple as attempting to dry out a hard drive that found itself having your morning coffee can cause more damage than the original spill. There is always residue left behind by liquid damage (even with plain water). Specialists time and again experience more trouble with recovery when the computer owner has attempted to intervene. Leaving the computer exactly as it was when the trouble began will drastically increase your chances of full data recovery.

Another very important thing to consider when seeking data recovery solutions is to get a second – even third – opinion. Just because one technician tells you that your information is non-recoverable, it doesn’t make it so. The level of expertise they have as well as the quality of recovery equipment can make a big difference in the outcome. Professional data recovery tools and software are rather costly. In fact, some independent technicians or upstart companies simply do not have the resources that are required.

We all know that backing up one’s important documents and files is the best way to keep things safe. However, we also know that things happen. And, when they do, remember to stay calm. Step away from the computer and find yourself a competent professional.

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