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Seagate Data Recovery (ST1000LM035)

Seagate Data Recovery (ST1000LM035) Service:Seagate Data Recovery (ST1000LM035)

Working on a Seagate ST1000LM035 where the drive was disconnected from the computer improperly. The heads got stuck on the platter causing a beeping sound. We will remove the stuck heads from the platters and attempt to recover the data.

FREE Diagnosis!

If you have a failing external hard drive, then stop what you are doing and bring it in for a FREE diagnosis within minutes. Our certified data recovery specialists use top of the line equipment with an overall 97% success rate. Contact us today to speak with our specialists regarding your next data recovery service. Servicing the Los Angeles community for many years!

Seagate Data Recovery (ST1000LM035)

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