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Seagate Laptop Data Recovery

Published April 13th, 2017 in Data Recovery | Comments Off on Seagate Laptop Data Recovery

Seagate Laptop Thin 500GB HDD – Data Recovery

Data Recovery Issue:

Seagate Laptop Data RecoveryWhile the customer was doing her taxes, she got upset and slammed her palm on the laptop causing the computer to crash. She was able to remove the hard drive and attempted to used an external hard drive enclosure to retrieve the data, but the drive was making clicking sounds.

Initial Diagnosis:

We were able to power on the drive and start the Data Recovery process. This specific model drive has 2 read/write heads. One of the heads was severely damaged. We will disable the bad head and recover the data from the good hear first, then go back and get the rest of the data.

Seagate Laptop Data Recovery

Data Recovery Results:

After about 16 hours, we were able to recover 98.3% of the data from the drive. One of the platters had some light media damage, causing the data in those areas to be unrecoverable. Customer was thrilled to get most of her data back within 24 hours.

Total Cost of Recovery:

The Data Recovery ended up costing the customer only $300.00, a fraction of the cost quoted by other companies.

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