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Western Digital Elements Data Recovery

DO NOT attempt to recover your data on your own! Customer dropped his drive and started hearing clicking sounds. He immediately tried home remedies and other various methods from online research. Unfortunately, his platters have heavy damage and cannot be recovered.

Leave it for the professionals!

Please make sure you immediately bring in your drive to a professional. Do not attempt to recover your own data. You will damage your drive and never get your precious data back.

If any given case your drive drops and you start experiencing clicking and/or beeping sounds, make sure to stop what you are doing and immediately bring the drive in for a diagnosis. DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself. You can cause more damage to the drive which can lead complete data loss.

Western Digital Elements Data Recovery


Working with Five Star Data Recovery was a great experience. It’s never a fun day when you find that your data is in trouble…but the team at Five Star was very quick to answer questions on a weekend after hrs and then promptly got to work as soon as we dropped off our corrupt CFast card. The whole process was very clear, they communicated often and in detail and in the end were 100% successful in recovering everything we needed. Our footage was saved and it was top notch service along the way. The final invoice was exactly what he quoted at the beginning with no surprise costs. I 100% recommend Vahan and his team.
Justin C.
I am so thankful that they have 24/7 support on the phone. I just recently called after my hard drive fell onto carpet. They had all the answers and knew exactly what they were talking about. I would recommend them for hard drive support!
Taylor L.
Can’t say enough good things about Five Star Data Recovery. Took my drive in and had the data back within 24 hours. I was even able to recover the “damaged” files, so pretty much a total recovery of 20 years worth of data. Yeah, yeah, I should have backed up my drive, but I’m just glad that Vahan and the Five Star team were able to get me back in business!
Kip K.

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