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Why Hard Drive Heads Fail

Published October 2nd, 2017 in Data Recovery | Comments Off on Why Hard Drive Heads Fail

Why Hard Drive Heads Fail

Like most common issues within hard drives, heads are bound to go bad eventually. Read/write heads on a hard drive tend go bad due to many reasons such as normal wear and tear, misalignment caused by any type of impact, scratched and/or damaged platters, etc. A record player is a good example of what a hard drive looks like inside. Each head corresponds with each platter and is placed on the top and bottom of each platter.

Data Recovery for Failed Heads

Bad heads can result to loss of data. Data is written on the top and bottom of each platter inside the hard drive. The heads read and write data with a great amount of speed depending on the hard drive and its speed. When heads fail, if you can not solve the issue by swapping the bad heads with good heads, then you will need to recover your data with a specialist. Luckily, at Five Star Data Recovery, our certified data technicians will recover your data from your failed hard drive due to a bad head. Our technicians specialize in failed heads and we have a sensitive and detailed approach to recovery. After a full inspection of each platter, we then find a suitable donor set. Once a donor set is found, our specialists will then treat your hard drive in our clean room environment.

Experiencing irregular sounds with your hard drive?

You may hear irregular sounds when your hard drive head goes bad such as clicking, scraping, chirping, etc. Nonetheless, it is important to make sure you do not turn on your hard drive after you experience these irregular sounds. Immediately take your hard drive to a highly trained specialists to diagnosis the bad head. Contact us today to speak with our certified engineers at (818) 272-8866.

FREE Diagnosis for your Bad Head!

Please keep in mind that our certified data recovery professionals offer FREE diagnosis and FREE price quotes! Generally, you will have a clear understanding of the actual issue that has arisen with your hard drive. You will get a price estimate of how much it would cost for the data recovery job to be complete. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery engineers are here to help anytime!