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Drive Doesn’t Power On

Drive Doesn't Power OnWhy your Drive Doesn’t Power On!

A common problem with hard drives is once it is connected or plugged into a computer nothing happens and the drive doesn’t power on. When it does not spin or make any noises it means that there is no power going to the hard drive and although your data cannot be accessed at the moment, in all likelihood your data is still ex tractable from the hard drive.

There are a number of situations that can cause a hard drive’s platters to fail to spin. These include: electrical damage to the printed circuit board, a head crash (which occurs when the heads come into contact with the platters of the hard drive), or a seizure of the data platter motor (which powers the spinning of the platters).

The platters can stop spinning due to physical mishandling of the drive (a drop), an electrical power surge that damaged the internal components of the drive, or a sudden seizure or shock to the drive which results in the platter motor to stop functioning correctly.

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