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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

External hard drive Data Recovery is our specialty at Five Star Data Recovery. Our specialists work around the clock for External hard drive data recovery. No matter what brand, what operating system, what enclosure, or amount of data the drive contains: our data recovery engineers at Five Star Data Recovery use precision and the top of the line equipment to retrieve data from an External Hard Drive.

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Causes for External Hard Drive failure:

Head crash Virus infection Fire
Platter damage Corruption Flood
Controller error Deleted Files Hurricane
Actuator failure Partial overwriting Tornado
Stuck Motor Bad Sectors Earthquake
Power Outage

Free Diagnosis

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Moreover, we offer FREE diagnosis for External Hard Drive Data Recovery services. In any given case, we offer an expedited fee for customers that are in need of a same day diagnosis. In addition, we provide each customer with a rundown of the problems with their hard drive before we begin our data recovery process. Most importantly, we want each customer to gain an idea of the repairs with their hard drive.

Your Data will be 100% Secure!

Five Star Data Recovery highly values the trust and loyalty of every single client. Furthermore, our Terms and Conditions Section 2 provides information that your data will be 100% secure. Not to mention, upon request, we will provide a NDA form.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost?

To conclude, we have no hidden fees and our Data Recovery prices are straightforward. Given these points, our External Hard Drive Recovery fee for logical recoveries are set at $300 or $400. Furthermore, the extra fee add-ons would apply to hard drives that are larger than 2TB. Also, there will be add-ons if the drive has a USB 3.0 port built onto the PCB board of your drive, or if your hard drive is encrypted, etc.

In any event, call us today at 818-272-8866 for External Hard Drive Data Recovery questions! Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery engineers are here to help anytime!


This place is awesome! Efficient, honest, friendly, affordable and most importantly- gets results! I had a really tricky External HD crash and they managed to get all the data back at a fraction of the cost of other places. He also kept me posted every step of the way which gave great piece of mind. Hannah M.