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RAID Data Recovery

Providing Professional Data Recovery Services for RAID Systems


re you an individual or big business that stores large amounts of important data and information by utilizing a RAID/NAS data storage system to securely store and protect your tremendous amounts of data and information? Although the purpose of RAID systems are for greater reliability, security, and improved performance there are always still chances that the hard drives within the RAID schema can crash and not allow you to access any of your data files due to a variety of reasons. In this case, you will need a RAID Data Recovery service.

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What is a RAID Data Recovery Service?

Unfamiliar with what a RAID system type of data storage? It physically means RAID data storage literally stands for redundant array of independent disks. This is a type of storage schema that combines multiple physical hard drives into a single logical unit for security and performance improvements. Our certified engineers at Five Star Data Recovery are highly trained in any type of data recovery, especially any type of RAID system whether RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID + NAS, etc. Furthermore, no matter what brand, what operating system, or amount of data the drive contains; our professionals know exactly what technical steps to take to extract your data from a RAID/NAS data storage schema. Our team only invests in top of the line equipment whether hardware or software in order to retrieve 100% of the customer’s data with a greater chance.

Moreover, we want our customers to trust that we value their business. Please understand that your data will be 100% secure. Our team guarantees your personal information to remain private and will never be seen by anyone other than yourself. If you give us a call at 818-272-8866 we can give you a general quote price estimate.


RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery Cost?

Altogether, no hidden fees and our RAID Data Recovery prices are flat rate. Moreover, our flat rate data recovery fee of $300.00 applies to each drive. Generally, if your RAID has 3 drives, your total data recovery fee would be $900.00. In fact, there are no fees to rebuild the RAID or if the recovery is not successful.

To conclude, we offer a free diagnosis and free price quote. We also offer customers a same day diagnosis with an additional nonrefundable fee of $100 for faster results. We will examine the hard drive for you and tell you what’s going on with the RAID drive. Feel free to call us at 818-272-8866 for more information or concerns. Nonetheless, don’t hold off on losing your data! If your RAID system begins to fail, than call our data recovery professionals today for your RAID Data Recovery Service. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery engineers are here to help anytime!

Fantastic experience! From start to finish, Vahan and his team were amazing… incredibly knowledgeable, kind, comforting, and easy to talk to. And…. even better, they were able to save most of my corrupted files. Highly recommended!
Justin M.
Vahan and his team were very communicative and helpful. I had an external hard drive that crashed. It was a 2TB Seagate. He was able to get all my files back. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for data recovery to come to 5 stars. They’re very friendly and respectful. They will answer all your questions.
Danni G.
Very efficient, very clean place, super nice people.  Highly recommend them for their fast service.
Beth J.
Excellent, courteous, and professional staff. From the front office staff to the engineers they’re all pros! I was told by other places that my data probably wouldn’t be able to be retrieved. And their quotes were ridiculously expensive. One place wanted to charge more than twice the cost of my Mac. Five Star were quite different: Pleasant, never pushy, reasonable prices, and excellent service. They were able to recover all my data and had it ready in less than a day! Highly recommend 5 Star. BTW Ellen is super cool!
Lucas A.
Losing data is never a fun experience. However Five Star Data Recovery makes you not feel as bad for dropping a hard drive, or losing any files. The facility is neat and clean, and they have a certified clean room for all the repairs which automatically makes them better than your average. The ladies at the front desk were inviting & sweet. The communication throughout the process was transparent and clear. My hard drive was fixed, recovered, and transferred to a new drive in only a few days, and at a competing, or even better price than the next. Thank you guys!
Perla D.


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