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When Disaster Strikes: What You need to Know About Data Recovery

In the event of a failure or virus attack in your computer or smartphone, this is a problem that requires professional data recovery services. Five Star Data Recovery provides data restoration services and is ready to help you get your data back. Whether you need assistance with enterprise-level storage devices or regular hard drives, count on our specialists to save your data!

What to look for in a Data Recovery Center

When choosing the best data recovery company, be sure they can guarantee security and data recovery. A reliable company will offer:

• Confidential recovery processes to protect data
• Free price estimates 24/7/365, no customer obligation
• Certified ISO Cleanroom
• Device shipping or drop off services
• No data, no charge commitment
• Emergency services for critical and time-sensitive recoveries
• Above a 98% rating for successful recoveries
You can find all these benefits of data restoration services and more at Five Star Data Recovery. Ship your device to us or drop it off at our Glendale location to begin the data recovery process.

24/7/365 Service

DIY Data Recovery vs Professional

More people are coming to us now more than ever after attempting to recover their data on their own. Commercial data recovery software or hard drive recovery tools can further damage devices, leaving your files unrecoverable. Once your drive does not mount, is unrecognizable to your device, or if you cannot open any files, there is a problem with your hard drive that only data recovery professionals can address. Learn more about the benefits of seeking a professional data recovery service provider to avoid guesswork.

We Specialize in Multiple Types of Data Recovery

Need specific services to recover your data? We work with all hard drive operating systems. We specialize in:

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Most devices utilize hard disk drives over other storage media. Let us examine yours to determine the best  recovery methods.

RAID Data Recovery

Retrieve files from your system that utilizes a redundant array of independent disks or RAID technology instead of a single disk.

SSD Data Recovery

Although solid state drives are less prone to damage than hard disk drives, they are still at risk of firmware corruption that require file recovery. Call us today for a free evaluation on your storage device and retrieve any lost files.
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The hard drive data recovery process is summed up into four simple steps:

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation of drive recovery services, it’s important to be completely honest with your technician. Let them know how the drive failed, how it is currently responding, and what actions you’ve taken to fix the drive. Your technician uses this data to determine the likelihood of mechanical issues and which approach to take.

Technical Evaluation

When getting a technical evaluation, your technician will try to figure out the source of the problem depending on the symptoms you’ve described. They’ll take a look at your device, determine if they’re able to recover from it, and provide you with an analysis report.

Recovering Your Files

If your device shows signs of damage, the technician inspects the device for damage in what’s known as a cleanroom. These rooms are specially designed to protect equipment from contamination. If your device didn’t have any mechanical issues to begin with, the technician works with the firmware and solves any programming issues.

Drive Cloning

We use professional equipment during drive recovery services that allows us to manipulate how the drive works to clone your device safely. Once your device is successfully recovered, we deliver your data!


How long does data recovery take?

Data recovery services usually take between two and five days to save your data. However, recovery process times will depend on how many files you have lost and how fast you need them back. Options to expedite the process exist so you can restore accidentally deleted files as soon as possible.

How does data recovery work?

The process begins when you drop off or mail in your drive. You will get a free diagnosis to know your drive’s status. Our engineers will work on your drive through our professional equipment to restore deleted files or lost data.

Can I lose my data during recovery?

You can lose your data if you attempt to recover it alone. Be sure to get a professional to handle your data recovery.

How successful are your data recovery services?

We have over a 98% rate of successful data recoveries.

Is data recovery guaranteed?

With our 98% success rate, we are confident in our abilities to recover your data. The rare cases when we cannot guarantee data recovery usually involves people attempting to recover deleted data alone.

What happens if your recovery process fails?

In the rare case where we cannot recover your data, you pay nothing.