Bad Sectors

Recovering Data from Bad Sectors

Does your computer no longer recognize your hard drive or can no longer access any of your data? It is possible that there is an issue with the internal components called sectors within the hard drive identifying them as “bad sectors”. Simply put, a bad sector in a hard drive is a cluster of storage space on the platter of the hard drive that appears to be defective, and the data within that cluster (AKA a “sector”) cannot be read or written properly.

Causes for Bad Sectors

There are two causes for bad sectors on the hard drive. The first is due to physical damage within the hard drive itself, called a physical or a hard bad sector. Scratches on the platter can lead to more hard bad sectors, which in turn leads to data written on these sectors to become unrecognizable by your computer. Moreover, the second cause for a bad sector is a logical, or a soft bad sector created by the operating system or a firmware corruption on the hard drive.

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