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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Providing Professional Data Recovery Services for All Drives


ur pricing model for our Data Recovery Services are Flat Rate Fees, with no hidden costs, or non-refundable payments. The structure for logical Data Recovery services vary in the prices.

As of today, we have successfully recovered data from over 2,000+ hard drives, and around 97% of our Data Recovery customers have paid the minimum flat rate fee of $300 for recovering 100% of their data. In some rare cases, in any event where we aren’t able to recover the data, you pay absolutely nothing!

We offer the option of a Same Day Diagnosis for all hard drives for data recovery with an expedited fee of $100. You also have the option of dropping off your drive for a free diagnosis. Our hard drive data recovery engineers are here to help people in need, not to take advantage of customers. Our data recovery services team at Five Star Data Recovery values the trust and loyalty of every single client as we continually strive for excellence. Not to mention, we honor a strict NO Data = NO Charge policy, which entails that our Data Recovery services are 100% Risk Free to you!


Data Recovery Services

Why would you need Data Recovery? If you delete your important files or format your hard drive accidentally, Data Recovery would be the key to recovering your data efficiently and in a timely manner. In other cases, there may have been a malware and/or spyware attack that has made your data inaccessible. Your old hard drive might have corruption or just is worn down from heavy usage over a good amount of time. A power surge may have wreaked havoc with your PC computer or Mac computer and damaged some of the internal components of your hard drive.

Generally speaking, there are endless possibilities why your hard drive may have gotten damaged, there is no need to panic or stress out. Moreover, please keep in mind that mechanical hard drives have a life spam from three to five years. In addition, a percentage of why hard drives fail is due to human error from mishandling drives as well as utilizing drives improperly.

Whatever the reason it may be, data loss is a major concern for individuals, small business, and enterprises who have irreplaceable data which may be critical to the individuals lifestyle or the enterprise’s business. All in all, you have come to the right place if you are in need of FAST and AFFORDABLE Data Recovery services. Altogether, we provide peace of mind to our clients by having our experienced data recovery engineers work around the clock 24/7/365! Highly trained Hard Drive Data Recovery engineers are here to help anytime!

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100% Data Security, Guaranteed

Five Star Data Recovery highly values the trust and business of every single hard drive data recovery job we receive. Under our official Terms and Conditions, we have stated in Section 2 of the document that your data will be 100% secure. Upon request, we will send you a NDA form to sign that your data will not be leaked or also seen by anyone other than yourself after the recovery. Please read through our Terms and Conditions if you are a potential data recovery client.

Free Diagnostics

We offer a FREE diagnosis for ALL of our services at Five Star Data Recovery.We also offer customers a same day diagnosis with an additional nonrefundable fee of $100 for faster results. Our company values customer oriented service and we value the trust and loyalty of every single data recovery client.  Not to mention, at Five Star Data Recovery, we want the customer to understand more about hard drives and the equipment we utilize. With that being said, we are completely honest, have no hidden fees, and treat each client equally! We overall only use the BEST hard drive recovery tools with EXACT precision. We are here to help people, not to take advantage of them for a quick buck.

Data Recovery

24/7/365 Data Recovery Customer Service

ONLY at Five Star Data Recovery you can call us ANYTIME of the day to speak with a Data Recovery engineer! Retrieving your data back is our main priority and each data recovery case is just as equally important to us. Given these points, our certified agents are available by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Fantastic experience! From start to finish, Vahan and his team were amazing… incredibly knowledgeable, kind, comforting, and easy to talk to. And…. even better, they were able to save most of my corrupted files. Highly recommended!
Justin M.
Vahan and his team were very communicative and helpful. I had an external hard drive that crashed. It was a 2TB Seagate. He was able to get all my files back. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for data recovery to come to 5 stars. They’re very friendly and respectful. They will answer all your questions.
Danni G.
Very efficient, very clean place, super nice people.  Highly recommend them for their fast service.
Beth J.
Excellent, courteous, and professional staff. From the front office staff to the engineers they’re all pros! I was told by other places that my data probably wouldn’t be able to be retrieved. And their quotes were ridiculously expensive. One place wanted to charge more than twice the cost of my Mac. Five Star were quite different: Pleasant, never pushy, reasonable prices, and excellent service. They were able to recover all my data and had it ready in less than a day! Highly recommend 5 Star. BTW Ellen is super cool!
Lucas A.
Losing data is never a fun experience. However Five Star Data Recovery makes you not feel as bad for dropping a hard drive, or losing any files. The facility is neat and clean, and they have a certified clean room for all the repairs which automatically makes them better than your average. The ladies at the front desk were inviting & sweet. The communication throughout the process was transparent and clear. My hard drive was fixed, recovered, and transferred to a new drive in only a few days, and at a competing, or even better price than the next. Thank you guys!
Perla D.


Take advantage of our 24/7 customer service line where our team is available to assist you anytime of the day.

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