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Desktop Data Recovery

Providing Professional Data Recovery Services for Desktop Models


o you have a desktop PC (AKA a desktop “tower”) that has stored all of your precious music files, photos, videos, and other forms of data? It is common over longer periods of time that the hard drives enclosed within these desktop PC’s go out over time or because of a software issue. Eventually, the computer can no longer read or mount the hard drive any longer. This is because of a power surge, a firmware update, or physical damage to the hard drive or desktop PC. A desktop data recovery is best needed if your PC desktop’s hard drive is no longer being read by your computer. Moreover, it is time to bring in your desktop computer to our data recovery engineers at Five Star Data Recovery to extract your data from your desktop computer for you.

Just shut down and disconnect your desktop computer. Bring in your desktop tower to have our engineers give you a FREE diagnosis and FREE estimated price quote! For faster results, we also offer our customers the option to pay an expedited fee of $100 for faster results and quicker turn around time.

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Do not worry if your desktop computer can no longer read the data on the hard drive. Our highly-trained and highly experienced specialists can access the hard drive and with our top of the line equipment. We can extract your precious data files for you! Generally speaking, no matter what model, brand, or operating system your desktop computer is using, our universal data recovery equipment is specially made to handle all types of hard drives. Whether from an Apple computer or a Windows desktop computer, we are here to help!

The trust and loyalty of our customers is something we value at Five Star Data Recovery. In addition, please keep in mind that your valuable data will stay 100% secure. Furthermore, we strive for excellence in customer service. We stand proud that we can keep your data secure during our data recovery process for all hard drives.

Fantastic experience! From start to finish, Vahan and his team were amazing… incredibly knowledgeable, kind, comforting, and easy to talk to. And…. even better, they were able to save most of my corrupted files. Highly recommended!
Justin M.
Vahan and his team were very communicative and helpful. I had an external hard drive that crashed. It was a 2TB Seagate. He was able to get all my files back. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for data recovery to come to 5 stars. They’re very friendly and respectful. They will answer all your questions.
Danni G.
Very efficient, very clean place, super nice people.  Highly recommend them for their fast service.
Beth J.
Excellent, courteous, and professional staff. From the front office staff to the engineers they’re all pros! I was told by other places that my data probably wouldn’t be able to be retrieved. And their quotes were ridiculously expensive. One place wanted to charge more than twice the cost of my Mac. Five Star were quite different: Pleasant, never pushy, reasonable prices, and excellent service. They were able to recover all my data and had it ready in less than a day! Highly recommend 5 Star. BTW Ellen is super cool!
Lucas A.
Losing data is never a fun experience. However Five Star Data Recovery makes you not feel as bad for dropping a hard drive, or losing any files. The facility is neat and clean, and they have a certified clean room for all the repairs which automatically makes them better than your average. The ladies at the front desk were inviting & sweet. The communication throughout the process was transparent and clear. My hard drive was fixed, recovered, and transferred to a new drive in only a few days, and at a competing, or even better price than the next. Thank you guys!
Perla D.


Take advantage of our 24/7 customer support line where our team is available to assist you anytime of the day.

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