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$300 Flat Rate Data Recovery Service

StorefrontAre your files not showing up on your computer and now you can’t access your data? Sadly, this issue occurs often and in most cases, data recovery is necessary to get your data back. At Five Star Data Recovery, we highly specialize in all data recovery services such as logical, firmware, and/or Clean Room recoveries. In addition, we highly specialize in RAID/NAS recoveries.

Flat Rate Fees, Guaranteed!

Furthermore, our prices are always honest, straightforward, and best of all, flat rate. Our base fee for Data Recovery Services is $300.00. When will my recovery cost more than $300? Here’s a list of scenarios where an additional fee applies:

Scenario A: Your drive has a USB 3.0 built onto the PCB board of your drive.

Scenario B: Your hard drive is encrypted.

Scenario C: Your drive is over 2TB.

Scenario D: Your hard drive cover was open prior to bringing in your drive.

Scenario E: You want the Expedited Service for a faster turnaround time. Our expedited service is an additional fee of $100 non-refundable where your recovery becomes our first priority. You’ll receive a free diagnosis within 2-4 hours of check-in versus a standard service which is 24-48 hours. If you’re in a rush to get your data back, then make sure to ask about our expedited service upon check in.

Free Diagnosis & Quote

At Five Star Data Recovery, we thrive on making sure we do everything in our power to help get our customer’s data back. If the recovery is unsuccessful, then you do not pay a dime. We provide our customers a free diagnosis within 24-48 hours of the time the drive is checked in. We also offer our customers an expedited service where the customer pays $100 non-refundable for a faster turnaround time. Nevertheless, contact us at (818) 272-8866 for more information about our $300 Flat Rate Data Recovery service. Take advantage of our 24/7/365 customer service team where we are available anytime of the day!