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Can you recover data from a drive that is completely dead?

Yes, chances of recovering data from a drive that is completely dead (no power) is very high. Almost always the issue with these cases is either electronics related or bad read/write heads. In either case, it should be a fairly straightforward recovery with very minimal chances of serious media damage.

The only time we’ll see media damage with cases where the drive has completely no power is IF the drive lost power as it was in the process of reading or writing to and from the drive. In these cases, we’ll have to do a thorough inspection of the inside of the drive before attempting any repairs.

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Reasons why Drive would have no Power

Power Outage/Surge

By far the most common reason why a hard drive would have no power is due to a power surge after an outage. IF the drive was not connected to a surge protector, the initial surge of power sends a high voltage of power to the drive, frying the electronic components.

Using Wrong Power Adapter

Using the wrong power adapter could definitely cause serious electronic issues with your drive. If you drive no longer spins up, chances are that you used the wrong adapter and sent too much power to the drive and damaged electronic components.

Liquid Damage

We see a good amount of data recovery cases come in where the drive has no power due to liquid damage. If your hard drive has been exposed to any type of liquids, please don’t try to turn on the drive until the electronic components are treated properly.

Normal Wear & Tear

Although this is very rare, some drives will develop power issues due to normal wear and tear. Drives are designed to last anywhere from 3-5 years. If your drive is much older than this, please consider moving the data to another drive.

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Recovering Data from Dead SD OR USB Drive

No Power USB Drive

We see many USB Drives that come in for data recovery with absolutely no power. No power issue on USB drives is almost always caused by a damaged USB connector. Majority of these cases are recoverable by attempting a “Chip Off” Recovery.

A “Chip-Off” recovery is where we unsolder the NAND chip (where data is stored), read the “dump” from this chip, then emulate the controller on our data recovery equipment and try to rebuild the data. These cases have a 90% success rate.

No Power SD/MicroSD

Absolutely no power on SD and MicroSD cards is also very common. These devices are a little different in the sense that most do NOT have a NAND chip that we can unsolder. These types of devices require a different type of recovery called “Monolith” Recovery.

In a “Monolith” Recovery, we sand down the entire top later of the storage device to reveal the special contact points. We make special connections to these points, then read the “dump” from the device and try to rebuild the data.

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Why Trust Five Star Data Recovery with no power recoveries?

At Five Star Data Recovery, we have extensive knowledge on how to work with all types of devices that have no power issues. We deal with these sorts of cases on a daily bases. Our donor drive library has now reached over 4,000 drives and growing. Having such a large donor drive library allows us to quickly and cost effectively solve cases.

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