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Hard Drive Not Recognized

Hard Drive Not RecognizedProblems with your Hard Drive?

Hard drive not recognized and you don’t understand why that happened? Whether you are using a desktop PC, a laptop, an Apple MacBook, iMac, or an external drive, there are many scenarios that may lead to the problem of the hard drive. Problems such as not being able to be read by your computer. If your hard drive is not recognizable, then you may have a firmware corruption. The firmware corruption has possibly locked up your hard drive or another electronic issue related to the circuit board (PCB Board) of the hard drive.

There may be a chance that the intricate, internal components such as the heads, the platters, and sectors may be in healthy shape. An electrical or software issue is causing the issue of hard drive not recognized.

Data Recovery when Hard Drive Not Recognized!

If the hard drive is not mounting or your device can no longer access the hard drive then it is time to bring in your hard drive.  At Five Star Data Recovery, our certified data recovery professionals will assist you with all of your data recovery needs and services. We give you a FREE diagnosis of the problem with your drive also a FREE price quote with how much total repairs will cost to extract 100% of your data.  Our specialists have years of experience handling all types of hard drives.

The trust and loyalty of our customers is highly valued by our team at Five Star Data Recovery. Furthermore, please keep in mind that your data and personal information will be 100% secure. We have the BEST prices in town guaranteed with the fastest turn around times. Please feel free to call us to speak with our certified technicians for questions regarding your hard drive. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery engineers are here to help anytime!


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