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Hard Drive Clicking

Is your Hard Drive Clicking?

A very common issue that our certified Data Recovery engineers at Five Star Data Recovery have dealt with is when a customer brings in a failing hard drive that is making a strange clicking sound whenever the hard drive is powered on and connected. Is hard drive clicking common? It is a very common sign that the hard drive is failing, or beginning to fail. This is a good warning sign that you should get your hard drive diagnosed. Make sure you immediately back up the data that is on that failing drive.

To understand why you have a hard drive clicking issue, you have to understand the disk read/write head. The read/write head hovers over a hard drive’s platters, and quickly scans across a platter either adding data to the platter or reading from it.

In the event that damage is done to the platters, such as a head crash (the read/write head comes into contact with the platters, damaging them), the read/write head is unable to perform its tasks. This causes it to move back to its original position and try to locate the right position on the platters again – all in a very fast process. Occasionally, the read/write head will reach the end of the platter and hit a stop, resulting in the audible click sound that our certified data recovery professionals can recognize.

What Not To Do!

Do you find yourself with a hard drive that is beginning to make strange “clicking” noises? Here is a list of things we recommend you do NOT do:

  • Bashing it –  It should go without saying, but you should never apply physical force to a hard drive. No matter how angry you are at it. If you think the hard drive is clicking because you dropped it or the hard drive went through some sort of shock, doing it again won’t ever have any benefit.
  • Moving It While It’s Still Spinning/Running – You can move a hard drive from one location to another. Make sure only if the hard drive is not running! Hard drives are already sensitive to shocks and movements, and are super sensitive while the hard drive is running. If you need to reposition the hard drive, be sure to power off the hard drive. Most importantly, take extreme care while moving it.
  • Taking the Cover Off – Under no circumstances should you take the cover off of your hard drive. Only certified Data recovery professionals should take the cover off. It is an expensive procedure and requires special tools and knowledge to operate in a certified clean room.  If you take the cover off in an unfiltered air environment, you contaminate the hard drive and make data recovery more difficult or impossible for professionals. Additionally, unscrewing and re-screwing the screws of the hard drive misaligns the hard drive, and leaves it not functional. Only a trained data recovery professional with the proper screwdriver can make sure the screws are set to the proper torque in order for the hard drive to work again.

Contact us now!

In conclusion, if you find your hard drive clicking, make sure to contact us immediately. Please call us at 818-272-8866 for a FREE diagnosis of your drive so our certified data recovery engineers can provide you with more information about the chances of recovery. We will also provide you an estimated turn around time as well as a price estimate for the recovery job.