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RAID Data Recovery

Published July 10th, 2017 in Data Recovery | Comments Off on RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data RecoveryRAID 5 Data Recovery – Recovered

RAID Data Recovery Issue:

Customer came in with a Failed RAID 5 NAS. He said one of the drives had failed a few months ago, and he didn’t have a chance to replace it. Few days ago, the 2nd drive also failed and now the RAID isn’t recognized.

Initial Diagnosis:

We were able to power on all 3 drives and none of them had any physical damage or clicking sounds. The issue with both of the drives are bad sectors.

Data Recovery Update:

We were able to get a 99.9999% image of 2 of the 3 failed drives. We then rebuilt the RAID and regained access to the failed NAS. We recovered 99.5% of the data from the RAID.

Data Recovery Cost:

The data recovery ended up costing the customer only $900.00 ($300.00 per drive). A fraction of the cost quoted to the customer by other companies.

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