Expedited Service Plus

What is Expedited Service Plus?

At Five Star Data Recovery we’re happy to announce we now offer Expedited Service Plus. Is your recovery EXTREMELY time sensitive? Do you need a GUARANTEE that your case will be worked on diligently 24/7 to ensure you can meet your deadline? Then this service is for you.

With our Expedited Service Plus, Our Data Recovery Engineers will be making sure your case is worked on non-stop from the minute it gets to our lab until the moment you get your data back. These cases really do run 24/7, including nights, holidays, and weekends.

We offer flat rate pricing for this service based on how long we believe the case will take. This fee is in addition to any Flat Rate Data Recovery Fee. It’s impossible to know exactly how much this service will cost, but your Engineer will be able to give you a pretty close guesstimate after the initial diagnosis. Simply provide the following information:

  • Is the drive clicking?
  • Is the drive beeping?
  • While connected, does Disk Utility or Disk Management recognize the drive?
  • Has the drive been dropped?
  • What make/model is the drive?
  • What is the storage capacity of the drive?
  • How much data needs to be recovered?
  • What type of files are we recovering? (file extensions)

(Please do not try to diagnose the drive yourself. Power down the drive and put it safely aside before you do anything).

(Please be 100% honest and upfront about the events that led to your drive failing. Let us know if the drive has been acting up recently as well as any unusual activities you’ve realized with the drive before it failed. This will help keep the cost of the recovery MUCH lower since we’ll know exactly what the issue is and take the safest and quickest approach to recovering the data).


Expedited Service

Expedited Service Plus

Turnaround time is 24hr – 72hrs

Diagnosis Within 2-4 hours

Non-Stop Work On The Case Within Business Hour

On The Spot Diagnosis  

24/7 Updates From Engineer


Case Runs 24/7


Fastest Turnaround Time


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