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Case Study: USB Data Recovery – Chip Off

Initial Issue with USB Drive:

Customer brought in a 64GB USB thumb drive. The thumb drive was not being detected by his computer whatsoever. Before bringing the USB drive to us for data recovery, they took it to a local computer repair shop that tried to repair the connectors. But their attempts were unsuccessful.

The drive was being problematic for the customer for quite some time. It started working slower and slower until it eventually stopped being recognized completely. Customer opted into our Expedited Plus Data Recovery Service as they needed the data back urgently.

USB Data Recovery

Our Initial Diagnosis:

We verified with our Data Recovery equipment that the USB drive is not being detected whatsoever. We disassembled the entire USB Drive and soldered off the 2 NAND chips (where data is stored). The problem with these cases is almost always related to a failed controller.

In order to recover the data, we would need to read each of the NAND chips individually (this is called reading the “dump”). Once we have both chips completely read by using special tools (in this case PC-3000 Flash by Ace Laboratory), we start the rebuilding of the data process. In this step, we would emulate the controller in our system to rebuild the data.

USB Drive Completely Disassembled

Outcome of Case:

We were able to successful rebuild the data and gain access to the data on the USB drive. There was no data loss and the customer got their data back with the original file structure.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t access the data on your USB drive, please feel free to contact us 24/7 for a free over the phone consultation and quote.

USB Drive Controller

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