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Hard Drive Head Replacement

Hard Drive Bad HeadsHard Drives Gone Bad

Bad heads are a common problem with hard drives. When the internal components named “the read and write heads” start to go bad, the data on the platter become illegible by the hard drive. It is easy to visualize if you think about the inside of a hard drive looking like an old, vintage record player. The read and write heads are the components on the end of the actuator arm which moves along the disk shaped platter of the hard drive to read and write your data.

In general, heads within a hard drive begin to go bad. The hard drive may begin to make clicking or scratching sounds. This is a signal for overall BAD health of the hard drive. Overall, if you have a hard drive that has begun making strange noises, or you know that your data is not being read properly, then it is time to bring in your hard drive to Five Star Data Recovery for our data recovery team to repair the bad heads for you.Bad Heads

Free Diagnosis!

Please keep in mind that our certified data recovery technicians offer FREE diagnosis and FREE price quotes! Generally, you will have a clear understanding of the actual issue that has arisen with your hard drive. You will get a price estimate of how much it would cost for the data recovery job to be complete.

Furthermore, the trust and loyalty of each customer is highly valued by our team at Five Star Data Recovery. Luckily, your data and personal information will be 100% secure. Your important data will stay private at all times. Fortunately, only the owner of the hard drive will be able to see the data we recover from the damaged hard drive. Nevertheless, please contact us at 818-272-8866 for more information about our data recovery process. Highly trained Los Angeles Data Recovery engineers are here to help anytime!


Vahan is THE BEST!!! He is very professional and genuine. My Passport Air died on me and was desperately in need of data recovery. Unlike others, he doesn't haggle you with pricing. I've received quotes anywhere between $500-$1200 for my issue. No hourly charges or additional expedite service charges. It is what it is. Not only his pricing is the best, his expertise in data recovery out shined them all.Hannah K.