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How To Find Your Model Number

Want to know how to find your Model Number? To find out the model of your hard drive, you need to look at the label on the bare hard drive. If the bare drive is inside an external enclosure (that is, if you have an “external hard drive”), the only way to get the model number is by disassembling the enclosure and removing the hard drive.

If you don’t feel comfortable removing the hard drive from the enclosure (some enclosures are very difficult to remove) then do not try! You may break something important inside the enclosure. Just send us your drive and we’ll remove the enclosure for you at no charge. As always, if we can’t recover your data, there is no charge.

Find your hard drive’s manufacturer below, then use the example model numbers and photos to help locate your hard drive’s model number. Feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service if you’re still having issues locating the model number.

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Still can’t find your model number? E-mail us a picture of your hard drive’s label.