Our Hard Drive Data Recovery fees are flat rate with no hidden fees or surprises. Our fees are $300.00, $400.00, $650.00, or $950.00, depending on the type of recovery (Logical vs Clean Room).

Our Logical Data Recovery Fees are either $300.00 or $400.00. 90% of the cases we deal with, fall under this category. Examples of issues that fall under the logical data recovery category:

  • Hard drive powers on, spins, keeps spinning as usual, but does not mount on the computer.
  • Hard drive shows up in Disk Utility or Disk Management, but you cannot access any of the files.
  • Hard Drive mounts, you can see your files, but you keep getting an error message when you try to move the files to another drive.
  • Hard Drive mounts, you can see your files and copy them to another drive, but the copying process is moving extremely slow.
  • Hard Drive does not power on at all (this one is a 50/50. Sometimes the issues are electronic and still falls under our Logical Data Recovery pricing, and sometimes the issue is mechanical and falls under our Clean Room recovery pricing. We will do a free diagnosis and let you know the exact cost).

Our Clean Room Data Recovery Fees are either $650.00 or $950.00. Examples of cases that fall under the Clean Room Data Recovery category:

  • Hard Drive powers on to a clicking sounds.
  • Hard Drive powers on to a beeping sound.
  • Hard Drive is making whirling sounds.
  • Hard Drive was dropped or physically damaged and is now making unusual sounds.

If you do not see your specific issue here, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure to provide you a quote immediately and add the issue to our list.