Monolith Data Recovery (SanDisk)

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Issue with MicroSD Card:

Customer brought in a SanDisk MicroSD Card that was completely unrecognized by the computer and their camera. They attempted to run multiple data recovery softwares on the drive, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

The MicroSD Card failed after the camera malfunctioned.

SanDisk SD Card Data Recovery

Our Initial Diagnosis:

We attempted to gain access to the MicroSD card with our Data Recovery Equipment, but our attempts were unsuccessful as well. The card had serious controller failure and the only way to get to the data was to attempt a “Monolith Recovery.” This process entails sanding down the entire top layer of the MicroSD Card in order to gain access to specific pinouts.

SanDisk SD Card Sanded Down

Outcome of Case:

After connecting the MicroSD Card to the Spider Board, we were able to get a 100% reading of the “dump” and find the correct preparations to rebuild the data. Data was fully recovered and transferred to the customers new drive.

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Vahan working on Monolith Recovery